Science Fair International (SciFI) was created in 2010 by Ravi Narayanan as an additional event for his live-in-japan.com not-for-profit organization. In 2011 Christopher Holland became the sole organizer of this event.

This event is an attempt to nurture the scientific temper of young minds.

In an attempt to promote the concept of week-end science, we bring to you this event,  where children  are free to exhibit any models [working or non-working] or any investigation or theoretical experiments or displays. Want to share or introduce any new concept or idea?  Come share with us at SciFI.

At the event you will find science projects displayed by grade groups, guest judges from the field of science will be available for children to receive feedback on their projects both the inquiry and presentation aspects.  There will also be short presentations by the judges who happen to be scientists themselves and they will share with guests and children the work that they do.

We are happy to receive annual support for this event, by schools, and organizations.  A special thanks goes to RIKEN, JAXA and NASA for their continued support of this event and future generations of children passionate about science.

This event is open to all school going children in Japan.  Science project presentations need to be displayed in English.